My Bruno Mars Experience

You ran into Bruno? You met him at the Meet&Greet? You ran into Phil or some other Hooligan? Or you even got a Tweet from Bruno? Tell me:
xoxo Kathi

It all started in a room next to the concert venue: the security guards told us everything we needed to know. Then after waiting 5 more minutes the first Hooligan of the Meet&Greet-people whispered “oh my - he’s coming”. As soon as I could watch, Bruno did his “James Brown” to dance into the room. He had this huge smile on his face that almost killed me. (<3) Dre came with him and they stood right in front of the wall. We waited in line and everyone could take a picture with Bruno. When I got to go there I handed him this “Happy Birthday hat” and the Scrapbook. He looked at me and asked: “that’s all for me?” - “Of course”, I said. He smiled so big and took the hat saying “that’s amazing!!!” Before I could say something he took off his fedora (AND I SAW HIS ADORABLE CURLS JUST A FEW INCHES AWAY FROM ME!), gave it to a security guard and put on “my” hat. Then Dre took a picture of Bruno and me. I thanked both of them. Bruno smiled at me and said. “Thank you, too. Enjoy the show, darling.”
At 8.45pm Bruno came on stage. He started with “The Other Side” and everyone held up  a sign saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNO”. His smile got bigger minute by minute. When the song ended, he looked at each and everyone of us and said “thank you Munich, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” His eyes were sparkling and we all melted away.
The show continued and right before he wanted to play “Count On Me”, Phil took the word and suddenly the whole crew came on stage. Dre came up singing “happy birthday” for Bruno and all of them were wearing the same shirt with Bruno’s face on it. Bruno was so surprised and started cranking up. It was so adorable! :)

It’s quite sad if I tell ppl how could I met Bruno Mars. Myb I must tell the story from very very begin. Bruno’s promoter in Indonesia, Java Musikindo, opened presale ticket (tribune: US$ 40 ; normal: US$ 50) on February 3 at owner of Java Musikindo’s house, Adrie Subono. I can’t go there cuz I hv sum activities on Lunar Year . But at the night, I went Adrie’s house just for gave sum cookies. I quite know well the promoters family. Adrie’s wife, Christje, is my Godmother’s best friend n her daughter, Melanie, just like my big sista. I can’t get the ticket cuz it’s already sold out. But I don’t wanna beg to Adrie or Melanie cuz I’m neutral. I’m not gonna become THE MOST SELFISH HOMO SAPIENS in this universe. They already knew that I didn’t get Bruno’s ticket but they also didn’t offer a ticket for me. Actually, Adrie n Melanie is a celebrity on my country. I’m so happy quite know well about their family. So at one time, Melanie’s friend who also a celebrity on my country, already have Bruno’s ticket but she/he have a job on April 5. So she/he wanna sell it. I bought the festival ticket from her/him but it’s so expensive. I really still can believe until now that I spent all my savings n even borrowed money from sum friend just to bought it. I’m so sorry I can’t tell the celebrity’s name. I already have a concert ticket, but I really want to meet Bruno in person. Java Musikindo always made sum quizzes/games for meet&greet. But not every quiz/game they tell on twitter. Sumtimes they made it in secret. They made a quiz on twitter called KUDA in twitter but the question so easy. They picked the winner randomly. So I think I’m not gonna win from KUDA. Melanie is a book writer too. She made a book, Liaison Officer Forever. Liaison Officer or LO is a talent division on Java Musikndo who really influent when singer/band/etc come to Indonesia. She gave sum gifts inside the book randomly called DREAM PASS. Such as ticket concert, m&g ticket, become an LO for singer/band/etc. Not every book had DREAM PASS. One day, she made a challenge. She said, she was on a big mall on Pondok Indah it’s a place on Jakarta and if we want to buy her book, we must find her. Pondok Indah is SO BIG! But I guess she’s on Pondok Indah Mall but PIM have 2 buildings called PIM 1 & PIM 2 and both are SO BIG!!! So I decided to go to PIM from my house. Although I also live on Jakarta, but Jakarta is SO BIG! From my house to PIM is so far. I went there by my mom’s car but I bought the petrol. In my family, there’s a rules. I don’t beg money from my parents if I want sumthin. I must get it w/ my own hardwork. In all about this Bruno’s experience, there was no interference from my parents, especially money. Its pure mine. I got around PIM 1 & PIM 2 in 3 hours, running, cuz the challenge hv limited time. Until 6 pm n it’s already 5pm. But I can’t find where Melanie is. Then I found her tweet. She said she’s on a coffee café and its smoking area. I still dunno where Melanie is. I dunno y my feet like led me to this place. Suddenly I went to PIM 1, went to the highest floor, n I saw a place like cakes café. I asked a waiter there if he looked Melanie n he said, Melanie is there! I ran into the café n met Melanie there. She was surprised to see me with a tired face after running for 3 hours. She hugged me n offered me to drink but I refused it. After that her personal assistant, Tata, gave me LOF for I bought it. I opened it w/ pessimist mind. I’m not gonna win a DREAM PASS but I was wrong. I found a paper n there’s a sentence there. “U just won a concert ticket of BMTH…” WHAT? BRING ME THE HORIZON? I want BM, not BMTH! I’m still thank God but I still want m&g ticket for Bruno. Couple weeks later, Melanie made an LO Class. She wanted to find LO for Bruno n for other artists. The even located on Jakarta but as always, FAR FROM MY HOUSE! I went there w/ my mom’s car again n bought the petrol w/ my money again. It was on

Saturday so I have no school. So sad I failed on the test. I wasn’t choose as an LO of Bruno. But Melanie still made a LO Class on Sunday but it’s on Bandung on other province of Indonesia, not on Jakarta. Jakarta not too far from Bandung. Maybe just 2-3 hours far. But I can’t go there cuz my mom won’t let me go by myself or nobody will drive me there. I made a joke to Melanie n Tata that I’ll run away from my home at Jakarta to Bandung if my mom still doesn’t let me. But actually, it’s not a joke. Myb I can beg Melanie to give me m&g ticket or pay her cuz she’s my friend but like I said, I don’t wanna become THE MOST SELFISH HOMO SAPIENS in this universe. What if Melanie isn’t my friend? What if I have no money to pay Melanie? No. I won’t. This is almost the climax. I always wake up on myb 2pm on Sunday. I thought about run away from home. So at 4 am, I climbed my house’s rail n walked alone in the dark to travel car place. I really scared cuz that’s the first time I ran away from home. I scared if sumbody kidnap me cuz Jakarta is so dangerous. Not gonna underestimate Jakarta but I said true. I was on Bandung on 8am. I really blind about Bandung. I lost. I dunno where to go. LO Class begin on a coffee café at 3pm. So I texted my friend, Cleo. I want to go to her house but she was not home. She said I can go to her friend’s house. So I went to her friend’s house, Vivi, by the taxi. After spent my time in my new friend’s house, I went to a coffee café where the LO Class will b held by the taxi again. Really expensive as usual. I met new friend on LO Class. I told her that I’m Melanie’s friend n I just ran away from home. Melanie really surprised when saw me. She never think that I’ll be there. I passed the first test but I failed on the second test. I almost can’t breathe but I prayed to Jesus that I know He already made a planlist for my life. Suddenly, sumthing made me shock. I WON A DREAM PASS AGAIN!!! There’s a sentence there. “U just won a Bruno Mars’s meet & greet ticket.” WHAT??? I really speechless n #BOOM! I fainted. I didn’t remember what happened. I just heard sum noise, I felt a soft couch, Tata called my name, n made her hand like a fan in front of my face. I opened my eyes n saw panic n angry face on Tata’s. She gave me a cup of hot tea n she mad of me cuz I ran away from home, made her n Melanie really freakin out. I apologized to Melanie n Tata cuz made them freakin out. My mom text me on 5pm. She’s not mad of me but just like disappointed w/ what I did. I really thank to Jesus. On April 4, I went to Ritz Carlton Hotel to met my friend. Bruno stayed on this hotel but I don’t wanna find him cuz I know I’ll meet him n all crews on April 5. But I regretted y I didn’t try to find The Hooligans now cuz… Yeah, u’ll now. Just keep reading! On April 5 3pm, me n 29 other winners of m&g made a queue to entered Istora Senayan venue. 30 winners of m&g was from many quizzes/games that made by Java Musikindo n sum sponsor. I met Bruno not on a room or sum good place but just on a corridor. How pity. Java Musikindo didn’t allow us to bring our camera. We’ll take a pict from Java’s camera. We can have an autograph from Bruno but just in 1 item. IT’S PITY! I hugged him less than 10 sec. I really pressed my emotion. I don’t want look to his cheeks especially his lips. I’m INDONESIA POLITE WOMAN. I’m not gonna become a b!tch just for Bruno Mars. This moment lil silly. I asked him to sign my fedora. I brought my own markers. I already opened it for him but HE BROUGHT HE’S OWN MARKERS. Ahahaha… silly, huh? After that, he embraced me. I’m really speechless. Then he ordered the photographer to take a pict of us. Remember, HE ORDERED. Not me. I didn’t say anything for a pict. This moment lil silly again. I almost forgot to give my gift for him. But thank Jesus, I remebered! I gave him 2 graffiti that I made by myself. After that, I’m out from that

corridor. I’m still inside the venue but just realized sumthing. WHERE’S PHIL, KENJI, JAM, PHRED, N ERIC? I asked sum1 from Java there, his name is Jeremy. He said “The celebrity is Bruno, not them. So we just focus on him.” WHAT? I REALLY MAD THAT TIME! #HOOLIGANS should mean OHANA! Bruno is NOTHING w/out them. After that we all out from the venue n made a queue for the concert. I’m on front queue, so I got the best place in front of the stage. I was running to get the best place. I was so close w/ main standing mic. We all, especially on festival, stood for 3 hours from queue outside the venue until before the concert. So we all stood for 4 hours including the concert. Bruno really great on that concert. But the most beautiful things in my life is BRUNO SANG JUST FOR ME FROM THE STAGE! He sang Nothing On You. Suddenly, he stopped n said he’ll sing this part just for 1 girl. Then, suddenly Phil n he appointed me. I thought the girl that they appointed isn’t me but I was wrong. He knelt from the stage, he appointed me, n said this is song for me. He sang “Oh they got nothing on… youuuu…” OMG! I just gave him my stupid smile. #frozeoutside #meltinside. I just can smile to him. After sang it, he gave a flying kiss for me. * I really feel like Jesus really blesses me before, on, n after that concert. I never feel I’m a LUCKY GIRL or sum ppl called me LUCKY B!ATCH cuz I got all of it from my hardwork n I always pray to Jesus. I never want sumthing like this before. I want to become Bruno’s LO, I FAILED. But Jesus gave me m&g ticket of Bruno. How beautiful Jesus’s plans for me, right? I hope, #HOOLIGANS not jealous/envy w/ me cuz I always b happy if sum #HOOLIGANS hv experience like me. Just wait! God always have a planlist for all human. :)

- @ChachaElsaTesa

hello hoolies:)

maybe you dont know me so let me introduce my self . my name is citra , i’m 15 years old from indonesia, semarang city.btw, i love bruno mars one year ago when i was 14. and i’ll tell you about bruno&crew
 day after day i tweeted and dedicated to bruno mars but he didnt reply or retweet so i think i would be desperate but i know maybe i can say hello with the crew sooo i asked to @scorpiopanda as Kenji(the guitarist) :’D for 3-4 questions and he replied all of them ! :’D and then i asked to him to following me back and he did it ! and now i’m officially on his following list <3 

 i’ll share the picture when he replied me and following me back and supported me . i wish the photos aren’t dissapeared . reply soon .thank you hooligan !

I haven’t met him… I really want too!

But, i did go to see him on the 1st of November this year in Nottingham… It was the BEST time of my life so far, watching him do is ‘James Brown’ to Runaway Baby… I loved it!! And i was on the standing part of the arena, and im only 5’1” so im really small, so i couldn’t really see because of all the taller people!
I bought a Bruno Mars wristband and a poster, which is now up on my bedroom wall!!!
After that, i promised myself that i’d pay lots of money for meet&great tickets.. I have seen 4 people live now, and im 15, and i would say he is the best i’ve seen yet… Just because he was amazing on guitar, acoustic and electric.. His voice is so much better live than on recordings, which is something so rare to find! The whole gang did an amazing job of getting the audience going! It was amazing.. But it was over so quick! :(

- Twitter: @LorettaRose6 (on the left)

My Bruno Mars Experience!

Now I gotta tell you my Bruno Mars Experience:
1. The first time I saw Bruno Mars was at a signing in Cologne 15th january 2011. @ saturn. It was soo full and he sang a few song..:)

2.His Concert 17th March in the Live Music Hall in Cologne! As I was waiting in the line Phil and a few others were they and said Hello to me :D! So cool:)The Concert also was very cool! He sings live so amazing.better than on the CD and it was just fun.

3. Third Experience- Best Experience

I got a Meet&Greet package..So here is my story.

We waited a long time outside.. (BTW: They were many nice hooligans from the netherland;);););) finally we get in. They checked our tickets and we got our Meet and greet bracelet :)

Then we followed a person.. and we went through the concert area .. to a “room”..

There, a Bodyguard of Bruno explained everything what we should not do


Then Ryan, the personal assistan of Bruno Mars turned on some music (hell yeah..that was funny:)

Then FINALLY! Bruno Mars came in..DANCING with all his members of the band..Phil,Jamareo,Eric,Phredley..:) They were all dancing!
Then Dre, the bodyguard came and took my camera.

Bruno was standing there.Waiting for me. :o he did his i should shake it (I dont know how to discribe) .. I was totally in shock! Seriously, i had tears in my eyes ..!
He is soo small and had his big smile on his face. He was like “Hey Sweetie” or something like that! :) Then we shake out hands and he didnt let go..

he bowed for me. it was not a bow have to look it up it was a formal curtsy.

You know what i mean? I let his hand go (:() and did this too! :D we were just like laughing hahaha i love his laugh..and cute. Then we take a picture.:)

And then he said anything. I guess it was something like ENJOY THE SHOW,babe.

I was so in shock that i was just like ” Thank you:))))))))))))))))” and ran to my bag.

Then I was running to Phil ..i was totally nervous : HEY PHIL! OMG PHIL! CAN WE GET A PICTURE?

Phil: “We are just hanging out he you know?:)”

Then Jamareo was smiling so hard and said hi:D Then the bodyguard wanted to take me to the room next to the room and i was screaming

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:D haha i shouldnt said that,huh?:D

Then we had to waited 30 min..and we got in!

First row..Infront of Phil:)

While Skylar was performing Phil,Jam,Kameron and kenji came out and i becked to them like and idiot and they peaced backed and laughed:D

and then the concert:

Seriously, this concert was amazing! Just having fun. Phil got on his knees for me when marry you was playing:D haha so funny!
And he was waving ..and they were so cool!:)

Hopefully they will be back soon..because i miss them SOO MUCH!
Thank you everyone. See u soon x


Concert Pics:


Georgias Bruno Mars Experience

i won a competition on the radio and won tickets to meet him march the 10th when i barely knew him or his songs!

i came in late to the meet and greet wheeling in my mum in a wheelchair because her leg, and he came over and hugged my mum and said ‘what’s up with your leg sweetie?’ it was the cutest thing ever:)

First Post! Informations!

Hey Guys!
It’s me Katharina. I decided to make a blog, where I can post all the Bruno Mars Experiences. So If you had any contact with Bruno Mars or His other Hooligans.

Mail it to: you also can send photos!

I met and saw Bruno Mars a couple of times too! So lets share all the Stories:)

Thank you! I cant wait to read and post them!

xo Kathi

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